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♥Madam Briya Boo♥

@MsSoColdRizzo cute girl!!! Looks good on you

7 years ago

mother ebony

@WheeWheee lol imy how have u been?

7 years ago

Kimberly Routt

@Madam_CWalker I know, but they were big slices though.

7 years ago

Jerick Salvadora

RT @carloaquino11: Maraming salamat madam. “@GretchenBarreto: Carlo Aquino is really one of the best actors of the country. #MMK #zeroHIVph”

7 years ago

Carmen Sandiego.

Dang it, I forgot Elf was on tonight. **

7 years ago

Alexa Quimio

@PauleneDion What time luwas mo tomorrow madam? Can we meet?

7 years ago

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