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Nathaniel Meyers

@BIoodAndBourbon == if it has a sour taste to it . As Rave begins to describe the first blonde vampire Rebel had me…

1 month ago

Bonnie Bennett

RT @BIoodAndBourbon: ~Draven "Rave" Reuben Barrow~ "Blood, bourbon, and women are all vampire will ever need" ~Descriptive. Vampire #OC ~F…

1 month ago

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Eric Bolling

#WHCD What a disgrace! A totally disrespectful “comedy” act. Degrading the office of POTUS then criticizing Press S…

1 month ago

Dan Bongino

I can’t say this enough. The real problem on the Hill is that many Republicans are really Democrats. While NO Democ…

1 month ago


RT @dj7daniels: Appreciate the real ones around in your life.... I’ll take tough love over fake love anyday.

1 month ago


RT @Hamad_H_AlOun: Don't be foolish and expose every blessing of your life to everyone and think that they’ll be happy for you. Some will,…

1 month ago