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Nizaar Kinsella

Things haven't massively moved on since the €40m response from Zenit: I've spoken to people…

7 hours ago

Nubar Sarafian

Whole team was smurfing! Feels good to win the first game 😁 (PS. Gorilla has mad selfie skills) #MSFWIN #LEC

1 hour ago

Lawrence Sonntag

Oh hey EA killed another project. You can be mad at them, but you should be more angry at anyone that spent any mo…

2 days ago

Sadie L

@DennisMack17 @AB84 That's not it. He's mad because JuJu was in the spotlight this season and got MVP. He's not a t…

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RT @John_R_Berna: 🇺🇸Patriot Train car 752 RT/FB 🇺🇸 #Patriot_Train @mickelodoole - @marsone2 @CandysOpinions @Jo- hn_R_Berna @heyitsCarolyn @co- o…

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