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Dena Grayson, MD, PhD

‼️The company of a major Trump donor got a 3% government-backed #pandemic loan despite rules meant to prevent most…

4 days ago

Dr.Omkar Rai

The global automotive major @GM planning to spend $27 billion through 2025 to develop electric & driverless vehicle…

4 days ago

Frank Yeh

@andreashorn_ @tdverstynen @karaannjohnson @butsonc @foltynie @HarithAkram @brainmappinglab @KDFooteMD @MichaelOkun…

22 seconds ago

Saurabh Garg

EU and US cars in India have “turn signal indicator lever/switch” at the place of wiper switch- a major hazard in c…

26 minutes ago

Latest tweets that mention “Major Auto - Продажа новых иномарок. MA.RU Купить авто в Москве. Новые автомобили и цены Rent a car. Мэйджор Авто Ру - Лучшие автомобили!”

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