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Yes because of course Peter Dutton is an expert in psychiatry. He needs to read every study ever on how detention…

2 weeks ago

Martin Welzl

@john__rosevear @TripHoover @elonmusk @markbspiegel @TeslaCharts I'm reacting to "You will not see anything like th…

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Need More Wildlife

@alvinSeven77 @UN @elonmusk @Tesla @Honda @Toyota @volvocars @TataCompanies @RollsRoyce @JaguarUK @VW @Porsche…

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Tonya Kay

@Beforewisdom @BMWi @BMWUSA @BMWi3guide Me too! Those were the real renegade alternative-fuel days. Still an untap…

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@sarahmei @BathysphereHat Yep. Also Siemens, Ford, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Associated Press, VW/Porsche/Audi/MercBenz. A…

2 weeks ago

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