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RT @ihatequotes: If you are a good tweeter, you are already a great marketer, get a job and make money having fun >> ...

9 years ago


Even if you have more education than them and make more money than them, black men will still treat you like you're inferior to them.

9 years ago

Maulidya Karsono

RT @SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs told me if he didn’t need the money, he’d close the Krusty Krab tomorrow. I’ve got to make sure he never gets ...

9 years ago


Make the money don't let the money make you. Change the game don't let the game change you **

9 years ago

Bill Gates Jr

I got Slug Money make you Shoot yourself Like Plaxico

9 years ago


RT @MarvCritt: Im always looking for ways to make more money

9 years ago

alan walkin

@piersmorgan Piers, Wenger has not spent money wisely in last few seasons its impossible to make a silk purse from a sows ear,poor players

9 years ago

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