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Pierre-Alexandre Renou

@KielFiggins @anim_Matt ❤️lattice deformer! Another fast method : add very quickly 3-4 edges’ loops to the model, q…

15 hours ago

Flynne @ Fur the More & AC 2019

@SolomonKurtz11 @rovethewolf Hey!! Thanks for your question! For loops like these, I follow the general steps of a…

17 hours ago

Samarth Bhaskar

tag yourself: I’m the motion that makes sure the two chain loops are connected just in the nick of time

20 hours ago

Mitchell MS

Using Froot Loops and Stop Motion to represent how molecules movement changes based on temperature. #hsdlearns

22 hours ago

ghost author seance

Forever kept from crossing over, Will Shakespeare's words find loops inside loops, inside loops "Consumed with that…

1 day ago

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