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Paolo Sbalchiero

@Beer_Buddie @raselmx @elonmusk @farzyness Nope. Wrong. You can make your own phone and software ecosystem if you w…

1 hour ago


RT @BagelHero: if you as an illustration software company do not have resources to train an AI model to ensure it only includes data that i…

5 hours ago

BASED Low-Tier GOD (💙,🧡)

@SerialGriller77 @Illuminaughty76 @LinkBeard I don't think you quite understand what he is saying. Eventually you w…

6 hours ago

Pol (⨍)

RT @gerard_sgs: Make your own software in your personal space 🔮✏️🎨 . . . or use some templates we made for you 😜

7 hours ago


@Nsuhtuebbd @jack @brockm If you’re serious about your software you make your own hardware

8 hours ago

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AC Shilton

Do I have anyone who works in AR software design who can basically make sure I am explaining something right? Preferably today? Thanks!

4 weeks ago

Morris Garages India

With the first-in-the-segment, seamless and always-on connectivity. Astor combines hardware, software, services and…

1 month ago

Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo

It is normally irritating when you see a notification that you need to update your software & tempting to just decl…

1 month ago

Erica Makes it All

@strowhiro At work, I make my software developers strip out extra spaces after periods. One is allowed. Any more th…

4 weeks ago

Amreek Singh

RT @UKTechMan76: @POCOGlobal Have u guys given ur #PocoF4 a software update to improved photo n video quality & better video stabilization…

4 weeks ago