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Dan Rather

I don’t care about the people (or bots) trolling me on Twitter. I care about those who have the power to troll American democracy.

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Take care of your skin & body & health

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Iron Spike

See also "Pfft, how can technology be RACIST, THEY'RE MACHINES!!!" Yeah, machines developed by racists. Who didn't…

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marissa the pop star

living in nyc is nice because i literally do not care what i do or what i look like because truly nobody is judging

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オメン☀️ ✈TOKYO51日

RT @lady_nounoum64: She is such a good character,she tries her best to help her teammates in missions she is kind and always care for her f…

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Zara Larsson

"i cant chose sides in politics" yes you can, you just dont care which automatically makes you a part of the oppres…

1 week ago

Dave Rubin

I still can’t get over this. A sitting member of congress saying that people should be hired by the government base…

1 week ago

The White House

Flexibility to pick and choose the right medical care. Protection as Americans grow older. President…

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RT @niallmoran_: In Iran they censor female athletes skin on television. Looks ridiculous, is ridiculous.

1 week ago