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U.S. Olympic Team

2️⃣ is better than 1️⃣ Both @jrmantia & @hlynnrichardson take silvers in the 1,500 M 🎊 ➡️

14 hours ago


2017 Bill Gates: Buys 25,000 acres to build a “smart city.” 2017 Everyone: "Brilliant!" 1966 Walt Disney: "lol."

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Eu não consigo aceitar que a única coisa que me mantia aqui acabou.

2 hours ago

Mike Bibik

@Mantia That was my approach. You’ll get great at the first 7-8 segments as you practice, haha

4 hours ago

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Rene Ritchie

@Mantia I miss you Louie. Podcast sometime?

2 weeks ago

Tara Mann

@Mantia It was Louie Mantia.

2 weeks ago

Adobe Customer Care

@Mantia Hi Louie, could you please let us know which Os are you using? Also, please let us know the size of the document? ^Sahil

2 weeks ago

Joshua L Harris

@Mantia Stop taking pictures of me Louie :)

3 weeks ago