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Marty keeping it classy w/Turbo

@Roselinath Having not enough time to finish the projects I've started. I know scheduling and timekeeping nips this…

2 weeks ago

Conk_Shaman op.sats

@martypartymusic @jackbinswitch @satoshibles @xverseApp @hirowallet @ALEXLabBTC @NeoSwap_ai @FlagshipFYI I’ve never…

2 weeks ago

Blazing Destiny

@Marty_881955 @KalsElaine There is a de-population plan and they are putting poison and parasites in our food espec…

2 weeks ago


@JebraFaushay You vill eat ze bugs!

2 weeks ago

Anthony White

Teen Titans Go, Steven Universe, Rick & Marty etc are the most divisive cartoons on the planet, but you know who no…

3 weeks ago

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Johnny & Associates

"We thank all our fans at home and overseas for seeing us to our 5th Debut Anniversary today. We will continue to w…

2 weeks ago

Southern Sister Resister - Wordsmith #IAmTheStorm

Every president before Trump was imperfect. They made mistakes. Some cheated on their wives, or drank too much. The…

2 weeks ago

Anton Gerashchenko

An organization calling themselves "Freedom of Russia Legion" published a video on their Telegram channel. "The t…

2 weeks ago

Myles Marburger

RT @fasc1nate: In May of 1861, 9 year old John Lincoln "Johnny" Clem ran away from his home in Newark, Ohio, to join the Union Army, but fo…

2 weeks ago

Patric Morgan | Book Promoter

When a flood threatens to destroy their colony, a conflicted young woman and her two cousins must overcome obstacle…

2 weeks ago