Mastering Chemistry tweets

Cameron Coffee

I hate mastering chemistry

6 years ago

TiEla Tesfaye ✌

Is anyone else's wifi messed up?! More specifically mastering chemistry!!!

6 years ago


About to rework all of my mastering chemistry assignments as a study tool.****

6 years ago

Shannon O'Connor

i open my internet browser and by habit the first website i go to is mastering chemistry... #thisisaproblem #needabreak

6 years ago

Maddie Geiger

Mastering Chemistry=**

6 years ago


@XxHaileyBxX haha I'd nearly prefer I like mastering chemistry ive mine tomorrow at 5pm woo haha no my lecturer picks these questions

6 years ago

Megan McIntyre

@nicolettebeuth that would be awesome!!!! 43% of Mastering Chemistry accomplished so far #goinghard

6 years ago

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