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Sitting here looking at this chinese food menu and they talking 30 mins for delivery. My break was only 30 mins wtf!

5 years ago

Skully's Music-Diner

Breakfast Sandwich w/ Fresh-Cut Home Fries for $4.95! W- hat is your favorite sandwich at Skully's?

5 years ago

Nick Martin

My mother’s menu consist of two choices: Take it or leave it.

5 years ago

Michael Green

@prekesh @mlwry not really, if I have to navigate under a menu I'd rather just minimise the main window and bring it up when I need it

5 years ago

Highly Unpredictable

@GotMe_Twisted what's on the menu

5 years ago


these were added to the menu today :)

5 years ago

Dave McAlister

@lgrobot You can "remove" Music Unlimited by disabling it in Apps menu under Settings. #XperiaT

5 years ago

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