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Alex Epstein

This video from @billmaher is getting a lot of pushback. What *should have* gotten a lot of pushback was Maher's v…

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Atria Mystery Bus

Mike Rowe fans will come out of this podcast as a big fan of @JackCarrUSA. Jack Carr fans will come out of this po…

1 week ago

The Real Mike Rowe

Dad, at 89, is doing some interesting things with wood. Mom, just a few years behind him, is doing some interesting…

1 week ago

Steven McCloud of Trident Leadership

Hey Mike, -- enjoyed your discussion with Carr and know you've been to a few Marine Corps Birthday Balls. Had to re…

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@MarkKeenaye @BDL25201650 @jockowillink @mikeroweworks @BjornLomborg Life imitates art. Where it is now, we have l…

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