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RT @sandrabeck: Parenting in the Military on your mind? Listen to @sandrabeck here:

9 years ago

Val Bianco

@andilinks @Marylgruneisen Hi, Andi. The's all about the military. Do we still have honor? Will they fire on Americans?

9 years ago


We DEMAND the congress go over the cliff @cspanwj defund the bloated military

9 years ago

sal imburgia

#Russia To Hold 60 Joint Events with Foreign Armies in 2013 #Military

9 years ago

Illusion of Power

Petraeus Was a Disaster: Enough with Glorifying Failed Military Generals

9 years ago

Jesse Madrid

@InsanityAsylum2 @shaunTfitness Once I come back from my military training I'm going to start the Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 #AsylumHybrid! Can't wait!

9 years ago

Kiyya Baloch

Baloch Genocide: Military operations, disappearances & extrajudicial killings continue unabated – BRP @UN @hrw”

9 years ago

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