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The New Yorker

What is puzzling about Joseph McCarthy is also puzzling about Donald Trump: once McCarthy was in a position of powe…

3 days ago

NPR Politics

Memos obtained by NPR show ancient state unemployment systems that struggled to handle the first round of coronavir…

1 week ago

New Scientist

Hearing restored in rats by modifying ear cells to respond to light

1 week ago

Zhengyu Zhao

Join our Pixel Privacy Task (Deceiving the automatic Blind Image Quality Assessment (BIQA) by adversarially modifyi…

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Maryanne Zeleznik

RT @917wvxu: With 60-70% of your face covered up by a mask, it isn't surprising that facial recognition algorithms designed pre-pandemic ar…

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Lynnika Butler

@ErikaMoen Some really great suggestions here, but in case you are still thinking: modifying/modification? Then you can have tea mods :)

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