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Makin Bacon

Aaaand Friday @ 630-9am @indyskitchen Monon Coffee Co. 25th & Central.

7 years ago

Indy's Kitchen

Stop by the Monon Downtown for coffee and breakfast at the Makin' Bacon food truck this Friday December 14th from 6:30-9:30.

7 years ago

Dee Annis

@jonscott81 Hubbard & Cravens is probably best known local. Monon Coffee Co, BJava... Tons more I can't think of!

7 years ago


I checked in at Monon Coffee Company on #Yelp

7 years ago

Indy LGBT Film Fest

I'm at Monon Coffee Company (Indianapolis, IN)

7 years ago

Mitch Vice

Discussing photoshoot aesthetic with bram over coffee at monon coffee. Stoked!

7 years ago

Indy Journal

A biergarten on the Monon?: If all goes well at a zoning hearing, Bent Rail Brewery and Coffee House will soon fill...

7 years ago

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