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【ヒーリング】ベスト10 コスミックトラベラー(Cosmic Traveler)宇宙の旅人 MiurrderY #Amazon

2 hours ago

Scientology Reddit

The Monroe Institute: Out of Body Experience without cultism, without money grubbing, and without the "religion ang…

4 hours ago

Monroe County Meals on Wheels

Save the date for a bus trip to The Culinary Institute of America, benefiting Monroe County Meals on Wheels! Cost i…

15 hours ago

Earth Is A Sales Funnel For SATAN

@0x49fa98 the monroe institute hemisync project is good for that

1 day ago

Purple Rose

@yousuck2020 私はbilingualのpsychic-medium、ET contacteeとしてspiritual workを無償で行っております。もっとskill upをしてもっと多くの宇宙の高次生命体からadvi…

1 day ago

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