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Coastal Bend Tea Party

❌❌❌ An important call for help from Tea Party Patriots Action: help us launch the Reach Them & Teach Them program ❌…

40 minutes ago

The Contrarian

@CBSNews Man, I cannot wait for the Tea Party patriots to march on D.C. to protest this historic fiscal irresponsib…

1 hour ago

Dwight Flakes

@thehill This is so sad....what happened to the tea party, American Patriots, the "keep your government hands off m…

3 hours ago


@realDonaldTrump I think its time for the Tea Party to make another trip to Washington D.C. so all the real patriot…

3 hours ago

R Muñiz Lavalle

Tea Party, what is that exactly, a bunch of stiff guys wearing costumes pretending to be patriots?

3 hours ago

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