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David Frum

1. A truck of TVs is hijacked. 2. Your son meets with the hijackers. 3. Your campaign manager shares route inform…

1 month ago

Charlie Kirk

Did you know: Pennsylvania officials have admitted to finding names of 11,198 non-citizens registered to vote on t…

1 month ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This is the REAL conversation we need to have as a country. As horrific as this president is, he is a symptom of m…

1 month ago

G Christy

RT @JohnTrumpFanKJV: I appreciate all the Christians who I pray with and fellowship with here on Twitter. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless…

1 month ago

Phyllis Anne

@docrocktex26 @ecclesias @Reuters Now I actually want US Troops on our southern border..just saying.

1 month ago

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