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RT @islamicfreedom: May Allah remove all your tears, worries, sorrows and pains and replace them with complete happiness, smiles and good h…

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Bristol Common Sense❌

RT @GirlGibraltar: Buying and Selling Human Body Parts in Nigeria

4 minutes ago

Gibraltar girl

Buying and Selling Human Body Parts in Nigeria

13 minutes ago

Mo' Sardauna

RT @Dikachim: Are women for sale? When commodified and objectified, you start crying. When a rich man wants to treat you as he pleases you…

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I support anyone Sam Wise Gamji supports. #EnvironmentIsImportant #SaveTheWorld

1 month ago

Sardauna Gbádégęsín

RT @ahmadwakili: Turkish President Tayeb Erdogan announced yesterday all turkish senior citizens aged 65 or more: free House, free medical…

1 month ago

Al_ameen Dahiru

RT @SNakande: Thank you to the VC of the Federal University Dutse and her team. We donated 50 computer science textbooks. We look forward t…

1 month ago

Groom Adviser

RT @M_Raphindadi: Sardaunan Sokoto Bahago Dan Hassan Sir Ahmadu Bello Yana Wasan Kwallon Kulki (Cricket) Wanda Ya Samo Asali Daga Kasar Ind…

1 month ago

Sardauna Gbádégęsín

RT @waecnigeria: Let’s educate ourselves a bit: 1. President Buhari was given Attestation of Results not a certificate; 2. Attestation of R…

1 month ago