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MichaelSweet Stryper

Happy birthday to one of the best bass players ever who is still bringing it and is just an all around superb human…

5 days ago

Dejan Marjanović

@mr_radanovic Mlada je ona, polako.

39 minutes ago


MR. BASS MAN ~ Johnny Cymbal (1963) @YouTubeさんから これ大好きなんだけど知ってる人い- る?

1 hour ago

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George M Johnson

Only a white woman could lose 17 times in a row to someone and have the world think they are rivals.

1 month ago

Bill Maher

Watching Trump sell his tax plan - 'I don't benefit, believe me' - I know I'm not supposed to call Trump fans stupi…

1 month ago


I don’t wanna throw another wrench in your childhood but also it’s “Everybody hands go UP......... and they stay th…

1 month ago

mohammed hassan

RT @DuhokTee: The world is silent as 200.000 Kurds have been kicked out from Tuz Khurmatu and Kirkuk. Their crimes being a Kurd. #Kurdista…

1 month ago


RT @holyfag: this is why peopIe born after 2001 need to stay away from twitter

1 month ago