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tommy smith

@PaulMcCarthy66 Yes unfortunately his week has gone to plan, or whoever advises him. They have fired first shots of…

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Bill Walter

@ibkathygriffin @neiltyson Rational for #King_Donald_the_Delusional's plan to open the ocean to massive offshore oi…

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Aaron Mesh

"No rational person thinks we should have social justice warriors run the PERS fund. But the thing about private pr…

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Matt Gallagher #FBPE 🔶

@SimonUbsdell @BeaumontBee @J_amesp And fascism is more dangerous than racism. Fascism is a political ideology with…

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@_Refrigerators_ @Timcast Yes, rational people do. The plan is to silence voices that are not unidimensional, they…

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