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Christ Jesus.

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Lee Stranahan

This is LITERALLY all you've got. "Russia linked" "Pro Assad" "Conspiracy theories" I've seen INTERVIEWS with peo…

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AFP news agency

US General Kenneth McKenzie said Syrian President Assad's regime retains a "residual" chemical capability

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RT @xxmya: (4/15現在)お名前の記載がない衣装が空いております。お- 一人での参加、保留も受け付けております(ペア、確定優先)の- でお気軽にリプライくださいませ! 参加者様は記載漏れ、誤- りがありましたらお手数ですがご指摘ください。…

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DS @realDonaldTrump Russia has no intentions but to use you. You will be on "You're Punked"

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