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Brian Stelter

Worth noting: Reps from the Biden team were on all 5 of the biggest Sunday TV shows this A.M. Ron Klain was on This…

4 days ago

Tomi T Ahonen

Chuck Todd is trending Has Chuck Todd been fired already? No? Then it doesn't matter. He is an idiot waiting to b…

5 days ago

*Magda MSWMS

@robert_klamut Mtp i hale targowe to to samo, de facto stadion też nie jest szpitalem. I w sumie nie rozumiem o co…

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Chris Murphy

Honestly, if you’re still on the fence, just an FYI - the President said today that doctors want more people to die…

3 weeks ago

Malcolm Nance

#PennsylvaniaForTrump? He just left his supporters without buses and to walk or die in the cold. Just. Like. Nebras…

3 weeks ago

السيف ابن فلان التركي

@TotiTheYoung Gehst du damit in die schule?

3 weeks ago

Kristian Beara

RT @Panthea2019: Vermissen Sie in diesem Fall auch die #BlackLivesMatter Demonstrationen? Für Linke zählen Farbige nur, wenn sie diese für…

3 weeks ago