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Scarlet Highlord RetHollyJil, the Ashbringer🔥©

Things I want but can't have, part 24830

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Joe Biden

In the 10 years that the assault weapons ban was on the books, mass shootings went down. The American people agree…

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Jason Jay Smart

Iran 🇮🇷 is being attacked. A number of weapons / drones factories have been struck. Iranian 🇮🇷 Telegram indicates…

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Iuliia Mendel

Drone Attack in Iran ✔️Strikes recorded in several regions. 14 industrial & military facilities were targeted; ✔️…

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Dust2Gold (She/Her) 🇺🇦😷✝️ 🏈🏒 ⚾️💃🏽🌊🕯️⚔️

RT @morten: @RichardGrenell @realDonaldTrump Under Trump, Iran restarted its nuclear program, a Washington Post columnist was dismembered,…

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Dame Nancy of the Confused #ITM

RT @TheLastRefuge2: When control is the objective, division of assembly is a tool. Under that context stopping the use of churches as gath…

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