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starri 🪐

@r6njunsz i looovee my little homescreen i hates having to search for my calorie counter all the time

6 hours ago

𝓵𝓲𝓿 🫧

moots i’m back at posting my calorie counter i hope y’all enjoyed that 🤚🏻

10 hours ago

Stormie's Optimistic October

@44Monet I was going to use a different calorie counter over this whole debacle, But I've been using mfp since 2014…

19 hours ago

Rep. Adrian Dromanski 🇺🇲

RT @ScaledGremlin: TLC’s my 1000 pound life-esque show except its about a bedbound kobold. “My 1000 pound ‘bold”. Each episode details how…

1 day ago

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