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I wonder if I quit everything right now, and dedicated my life to it, could I be an NBA ref by age 40

1 day ago

Ethan Dolan

I got bored so I got a face mask then looked in the mirror and got scared cuz I forgot I had It on my face.. what has my life come to?

5 hours ago

kali uchis⛈🕊🌼

question: what changed my life

6 hours ago

Rosemarie Bais

RT @myrnalove20: For the love of my lil bros life Lets go.......trend na yan bago mag start #MAINExBenchUnderTheStars

6 seconds ago

Emily Borhi

RT @nickwiger: Here’s my Cheesecake Factory take: whenever I go there I have the time of my life

6 seconds ago

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