My Life tweets

Aurelia Estelle

@Angelbp30 Happiest day of my entire life. I FOUND WHERE THAT WHITE-COLORED STANCED 6th gen CONTRACT LIVES OMG.

4 years ago


@NiallOfficial i love you more than my life follow me please

4 years ago

Rachel Gilbey

@DavidHTwittor you are making my life right now!

4 years ago


Havin the time of my life on a Saturday night watching xfactor. Hahaha #sarcasm

4 years ago

Joshua Othmer

If anyone could narrate my life, it would be Morgan Freeman

4 years ago

Logan Riley

= I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep =

4 years ago


Goin hard all night, cuz I ain't going back to my old life ! Promise that **

4 years ago

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