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Preston Mitchum

Shaun can name me on every interview he appears on. It won’t change that fact that many people (folks who are in mo…

21 hours ago

The Nation

When I first heard the attacks on Linda Sarsour... I stayed silent... As a black Jewish woman who was used to exis…

5 hours ago

Tanni Grey-Thompson

I basically had to sit in a box away from family. Wall in front. 3 WC spaces and three carer spaces. Choice was…

59 minutes ago

robyn s

@ConnConnection @kelseyhardin_ Fines for the people who do this would be awesome. I know so many disabled people sh…

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Priya Radhakrishnan

RT @markeisenberg16: I just lost my 3rd patient in the last 4 months to a fentanyl OD. I need to be able to prescribe IV hydromorphone and…

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