My Grades tweets

Kennedy Hammonds

only thing im worried about is my grades and basketball this year . . no more bull shytting around . #newme

6 years ago

Jackie Monroe

@SheGotThatGOOD_ I will but it won't b long till you're my spelman sister too! :) better keep them grades up girly

6 years ago

Marian Bryan

Checked out my grades and...Passed all classes! Almost done & then outta here! Watch out FL I'm comin back woot woot!

6 years ago

Tekala Lopes

@tbreezy094 i dont wanna read it but i needa get good grades & maintain my g.p.a so i can go to bcc when school starts .

6 years ago

Ashley Francis

Im doing absolutley NO homework favors this semester unless you comin outta pocket for my services . . !! Good Grades gon cost ya !

6 years ago

cameron gibbs

RT @got2luvblondess: Gormannn iss lookinn goodd(: if i cann keepp my grades upp i gett to go weree i want(:< did you go to the school ?

6 years ago

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