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James Melville

The government prepares to hammer the self employed with tax increases, but UK offshore tax havens account for over…

6 days ago


@Acyn ...,But it’s in my offshore account & I never had any intention of using it for a stupid disgusting fans ....

2 hours ago

Patric James

@GrouchoG @sineadrousse2 @emptywheel Here's my theory. The grift continues. Trump realizes he's going to lose so…

1 day ago

Local Man

@jay_bless2 @nickmangwana It's not to the connected few. It's available to anyone who has a USD or offshore account…

2 days ago

Ian Butler

@Totally_Offside Darren Dreger has an offshore bank account in the Cayman's just chalked full of wire transfers fro…

2 days ago

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