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Camila Mendes

i should be asleep rn but no i decided to spend 10 minutes of this precious time deciding where to place the emojis…

13 hours ago

Dave Bautista

My friend I offer this advice in complete sincerity. Delete this tweet immediately. Our history and tradition with…

5 days ago

Casey Sadler

To everyone apart of #dodgernation that replied to my last tweet, I’m blown away! I can’t personally reply to every…

6 days ago


RT @Liam_Baxter31: Hello @TwitterSupport It's been 24 hours since I reported my personal details being posted; work place, home town, pla…

just now

Jan McGlashen Brown

Twitter! Please stop refreshing every 6 seconds. I would like to be able to read one whole tweet without losing my place entirely!

1 minute ago

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J. Cole

Revenge album dropping 2nite. Know that this album represents community and the unheard unsung artist that fight an…

1 month ago

J. Cole

Thank you to Every artist on Dreamville for allowing me to be a part of your journey and in turn inspiring me and m…

1 month ago

Kyle Griffin

Elizabeth Warren on Trump's July 4 event: "Trump's handing out tickets to his big donors. That's a campaign event.…

1 month ago


RT @pirukavv: Braga está a rir ahahah

1 month ago


RT @PoetaCaminate: No importa el entrenamiento físico, ni la placa de autoridad, ni el armamento que tengan y sepan usar. Si abusan de una…

1 month ago