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Yuna Zarai

#Malaysia this isn't just happening in Janda Baik. When forests are being cleared for $$$, you destroy the ecosyste…

1 month ago

Ken Olin

Why do you bug me so much Jr.? Is it because you’ve never worked for anything in your life? Or because you’re a pos…

1 month ago

Ken Klippenstein

I wonder how many more natural disasters of biblical proportions until we stop electing climate deniers

1 month ago


RT @hyungwonope: 180913 monsta x new hair colors Shownu - red Wonho - brown Minhyuk - faded red Kihyun - dark brown Hyungwon - blonde Jooh…

1 month ago

VR Dork || Commissions: OPEN !!

@_RebeccaParham @DavePBrown I was wondering if i was the only one that noticed how his hair became one with him near the end of the video

1 month ago