Bantu Knots tweets

Celena Gill

@jcchisolm I did abt 15 Bantu knots.I 2-strand twisted them on dry hair&then knotted them up. I sprayed a H2O mist & moisturized each twist.

6 years ago

jass ❤

Trying to sleep with Bantu knots

6 years ago

ashley skywalker.

@_chanellatrice have you tried Bantu knots yet?

6 years ago


Just Did Bantu knots on my hair for the first time.

6 years ago

Kyleigh's Mom :

Need to redu my bantu knots but im tired

6 years ago

Tiarre Deverocks

Just got out the shower and conditon the hair...happy that twitterless Alicia is giving me some bantu knots

6 years ago


I hate bantu knots...that's the ugliest natural hair style I've ever seen

6 years ago

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