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Will Saletan

In this Axios-Ipsos poll, 42% of Republicans agree that "Strong, unelected leaders are better than weak elected one…

3 weeks ago

Nick Gillespie

Authoritarians come in (at least) two flavors: 42% of Republicans prefer strong unelected leaders to weak elected…

3 weeks ago

Stefano Sannino

Proud to present the @EUDiploAcademy pilot project. It's not just an academic course but the chance to learn from i…

3 weeks ago

Enoch Nomad

@SecBlinken @_AfricanUnion You're supporting peace talks, for "America's national interest"?? How about you just l…

2 weeks ago

Nadine Batchelor-Hunt

Parliament’s then in recess again at the end of next week for conference season until mid-October MPs need to be i…

2 weeks ago

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