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Irie J #IgnorantHillbilly

It truly must be a strange existence to be living in such a small - and fringe - political bubble like the pundits…

4 hours ago

Allison Rand

I would be more than thrilled to go on any podcast to discuss the singular television masterpiece that is Fringe

15 hours ago

OTD in Scifi / Fantasy Film and Television

First broadcast in the US #OTD in 2009 "A New Day in the Old Town" - Fringe Olivia is in a car accident and Walter…

23 hours ago

@Joshua_Bons @LightsOut @billburr @jimjefferies They didn't cancel him, he lost a job on network television. He'll…

1 day ago

Nicholas Twisp

RT @acceptedmystery: And lo, from this mount I speak to all of you: Blessed are the press secretaries and obese fringe TV hosts. May they d…

1 day ago

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