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Latest tweets that mention “No Credit Needed – Saving Money and Reducing Debt”

Randy Bryce

After Ben Carson became HUD Secretary, Sean Hannity got $5 million worth of new HUD guaranteed loans to purchase di…

4 weeks ago

Seth Abramson

The new GOP line on Trump may be its best yet: yes, he's an internatonal money launderer whose dirty money has for…

1 month ago

Charlie Kirk

College has become a place where students are going into debt to study majors that don’t matter to go find jobs that don’t exist

1 month ago


@ChesterQha_ @TumiMaruping and then extra money for when the buses strike.

4 weeks ago


RT @RogueDadMD: Just learned our 9y/o did an experiment on us. Lost tooth, told no one for 3d, kept tooth under his pillow. No $. Then h…

4 weeks ago