Nearby tweets

Tōma Jōi

@rinnykagamine //Whaaaat. We stand up anyway when we see a nearby elderly or pregnant person. =n=

8 years ago

Julian Arboleda

“@onlyastoner: #ICantStandWhen there's a perfectly good couch nearby.” I cant stand getting out of one...

8 years ago

Andrew Davis

@fapras Then you've got a home invasion on your hands. Find something nearby to use as a weapon, inspect the house.

8 years ago

the gods ▲

RT @onlyastoner: #ICantStandWhen there's a perfectly good couch nearby.

8 years ago


@2DUCKIE4U I at nearby Jurong's stop alreadyyyy ... ^^

8 years ago


RT @dost_pagasa: 2:55PM Within 30mins, expect light-mod #rains over Biglig City, Lingig & nearby towns #SurigaoDelSur wc likely to p ...

8 years ago


Weather forecast for Kabwe for tomorrow: 27°C, Patchy rain nearby - #Kabwe #Zambia

8 years ago

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