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CJ Werleman

Kashmir is where critics and opponents of Indian occupation and colonialism disappear without a trace. I speak wit…

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Successful dribbles in the first half of Barcelona 3-1 Napoli: Lionel Messi - 5⃣ Nelson Semedo - 4⃣ Antoine Griezm…

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MLB Stats

Since joining the Twins, Nelson Cruz has 29 HR and 86 RBI in 71 games against AL Central opponents.

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Stanley Withers

@NickStegmeyer Speaking of Dingers and 2013... can we get Nelson Cruz a PED test??? I refuse for a roided out Cruz…

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Nelson López Rivero

@sebas_BVB09 Es nuestro salvador el nos saco de el bache y nos puso dónde estamos hoy, todavía lo critican en ocasiones 😔

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