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Matt Mayer

I asked @MartinTruex_Jr to tell me his favorite hunting story and he went on to tell me about a time back in the da…

1 week ago

Tribal Army

Nature is everything to us. "It is our life, our lungs, our hearts. We don't want to see the jungle chopped down. I…

4 days ago

John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith)

For the rich in England, life even during #COVID19 is like an episode of Dowtown Abbey b/c they've got the governme…

4 days ago

Robert Fones

I've had a bottle of wine and listen, I'm not doing much these days, so if this gets 5 likes I'll devote the rest o…

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Donald J. Trump

Congratulations Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. You have a great life story! I know you will do a tremendous job for…

1 day ago

Joyce Alene

We should honor the life of RBG, American hero, by refusing to give in, refusing to back down, fighting for the civ…

3 hours ago

Ashly Perez

RIP. A fighter for all women for her entire life.

3 hours ago

Alec Lightwood

when life gives you Valentine, make chaos

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RT @TheDemCoalition: Mourn Ruth Bader Ginsberg now. Then celebrate her life with your friends, your family, your loved ones, your neighbor…

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