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Material could bring optical communication onto silicon chips #electroniccomponents #chips #optical

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#wearables #electronics #electroniccomponents

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5 Industries 3D Printing Will Disrupt in the Next 10 Years @JamescPaine via @Inc #3dprinting #electroniccomponents

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Even Simple Electronics are Subject to Chaotic Oscillations

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Amazon Patents a Way to Send Refueling Drones to Juice Up Your Electric Car via @PopMech #amazon #patent #drones

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"So what do u do?" Oh uh, ehem, music. "Oh cool! What kind?" Um hmm ehem I guess like electronic music. "Oh like TIESTOoOoOO?!?!" FUUUUUUUU

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New York City Plans to Replace Transit MetroCard With Electronic Card Readers That Support Apple Pay…

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✨Velvet Sky✨

This ump is THE reason that there should be an electronic strike zone in #MLB!! TF is he calling?! #Game7

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Wood Fired Food Co

Will frm @CucinadiWilliam is supposed to be out in Abruzzo 🇮🇹 sourcing new items.Instead he's on a farm eating pizz…

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lady says “just like any other electronic, u can have a tv and it can just stop working after a while even if u haven’t done anything to it”

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