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Never Shout Never > you

7 years ago

Kelli Juice

RT @CDaddyStrokes: Shout out to @kellishorteee she has long hair & she's like 4ft so follow her cause I've never met anyone as thugg ...

7 years ago

Stephanie Russell

RT @k0nichiwa69: I miss listening to never shout never

7 years ago

Bill Lichter

RT @trumpetman: RT- Soldiers shout out to John "Stuck in Iraq" Kerry. Never should he have any top level position

7 years ago

Ziq Monyet Comel.

Yaa, I will miss her when I hear a song Can't Stand It by Never Shout Never. #np

7 years ago


RT @SheCraveMoore: Drake is the reason I could never hate my Ex. I wanna shout at her but I just end up singing. So annoying

7 years ago


Never Shout Never- Hazel Eyes (Lyrics): via @youtube

7 years ago

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