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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Barry Cooper's Official NeverGetBusted Volume 1: Traffic Stops. Entire

2 weeks ago

Augusto Pinochet

RT @Thegummiebears2: @NeverGetBusted hey Barry ! Check out Rutherford County! Raided local head shops for selling CBD .... lol ... are they…

3 weeks ago

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The Undefeated

In case you’re wondering why it’s such a big deal that Annabella is on stage with Salma and Ashley:

2 weeks ago

Sarah Palin

BREAKING: More Police Calls To Florida Shooter's Home Just Uncovered, It's Bad News For The Police

3 weeks ago


@Walmart My beer was busted in a 24 pack when i got home.

2 weeks ago

Scott Herbst

@MattyMo26 Had a buddy in high school take a throw in the face. Busted his cheek and orbital bone. He was the pitch…

2 weeks ago