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Osazee Edigin

3 weeks ago

Tolulope Ampitan

Most Nigerian haven't come to see Life insurance as a neccessity .The same Man who uses the phrase" No one knows t…

3 weeks ago

Evang. J. U. Afurobi

New Minimum Wage: Fundamental Issues Must Be Addressed – Masari via @NigerianObserve

3 weeks ago


RT @LGBTMarriage: #NIGERIA: Editorial calls for repeal of anti-#LGBT laws:

4 weeks ago

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Donald J. Trump

NBC NEWS is wrong again! They cite “sources” which are constantly wrong. Problem is, like so many others, the sourc…

3 weeks ago

Neil Cavuto

Catch Neil's latest Common Sense

3 weeks ago

Ted Lieu

This is the 4th version of this story. -Stormy Daniels is fake news -Not fake but no money was paid -Money was pai…

3 weeks ago

MA Jones

RT @LionelMedia: You do know what she’s doing, don’t you? She setting herself up for an insanity plea when she’s arrested.…

3 weeks ago

Brian Jane

@TeamYouTube ju is it that I can find videos online of people using racial slurs, but can’t watch my fav weedtubers…

3 weeks ago