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Thomas Fant

RT @drewmagary: "Because it's the NFL. Do they really care?" < Vicks banner ad: "In the NFL, there are no sick days."

6 years ago

Toni Gonzaga news

Tinkle Sisters Face Off As No. 1/1 Stanford Meets Gonzaga - Stanford Athletics Official Site

6 years ago

Micky Parsley

#gigmemories louis seeing my 'say no to spoons' banner and giggling a little

6 years ago


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6 years ago

Phil Beck

@_NHLFA no time for this crap. College hockey game at 7:30, including Banner Raising Ceremony.

6 years ago


“@itseurekaa_: st Joes won the banner for badminton! Ha, in your face @standinggrand no jkjkjkjk (kinda xD)”funny I wonder who won last year

6 years ago

Mohja Kahf

RT @tonierosa: Rima Dali w/STOP THE KILLING banner: v @ProfKahf Still in prison: http://- t.c ...

6 years ago

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