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@voxials If their stores close, then they will become websites only. I mean—even is a thing

3 weeks ago

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Nai, the Internet’s Esthetician

Context: he’s not a full-time photographer. He was a friend of the groom doing a favor for $250. after 10 hours wo…

3 weeks ago

Robert Reich

Can we please settle this debate already? There is no labor shortage. There is a living wage shortage, a hazard pay…

3 weeks ago

Led By Donkeys

As you watch this, remember that Boris Johnson's £20 cut to universal credit this week will push thousands of famil…

3 weeks ago


RT @dawende: When Hidilyn Diaz won the 1st ever Olympic gold, the govt. swiftly claimed credit. Now that @mariaressa won the Nobel Peace P…

2 weeks ago


@maachan004 ご参加ありがとうございます! / TSUTAYAチャレンジ 2021.秋 ~QUOカードPay~ 開催中✨ \ 店頭で税込770円以上ご利用の方から抽選で、✨5,000名様✨にQUOカードPay500円分…

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