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Migration Watch UK - The voice of 30 million

With calls for the vote for non UK citizens, we wonder how far it might go... What next, votes for tourists? Airpo…

6 days ago


@smartnotstupid 1. Overhaul of foreign aid budget 2. Issue detail of £39bn to EU .. 3. Make Scotland and NI more ac…

47 minutes ago

Wez Calvert

@swindells_c I’m not arguing I’m just stating a point. The healthcare is going to be better over there it’s not fre…

50 minutes ago


@buddsteruy @BethRigby Don’t cry for us Brits, the NHS is going nowhere. For as long as I can remember the left hav…

58 minutes ago

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Swat Motorway construction completed and long-awaited Malam Jabba road improvement has increased influx of tourists…

1 month ago

Govt of Pakistan

A delegation of tourists including six monks from Thailand today visited Takht Bhai relics and Peshawar museum. On…

1 month ago

Peter Egan

Don’t these two tourist turds have any idea what this poor creature has to go through so they can abuse it further…

1 month ago

Dr Tara Van Ho

RT @emrazz: If you said, “I hate when New Yorkers yell at tourists,” I wouldn’t feel attacked, despite being a New Yorker, because that’s a…

1 month ago


RT @AfricaFactsZone: Morocco is the safest country for tourists in Africa and the 28th safest country in the world according to the WEF.

1 month ago