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Mike Spookbery 💀🍷

C'mon @Twitter/@TwitterUK, do better. I've reported a clearly defamatory tweet & you've chosen to ignore it. Not go…

17 hours ago

Eric Garland

Vlad? Good game, bro! You do clever work. But not clever enough. Not when you can see the strategic play all the…

1 day ago

Simon Evans

Danny Williams, strangely deemed not good enough for USA, lines up against Manchester United for Huddersfield today

18 hours ago


RT @ParkHS_92: If better is possible, then good is not enough.

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A boogie with a hoodie and his crew jumped me don’t no how many of em it was but it’s all good I love y’all and I forgive y’all LOVE - Lil B

5 hours ago


Good thing we've decided three ounce shampoo bottles are way more terrifying.

1 day ago

Niall Horan

Just sitting at home signing some albums for ya !

9 hours ago


RT @gramofdata: I'm dying I swear, every time someone gets asked if RWBY is good, they give the same answer

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RT @Pestilence79: @BurnleyOfficial @1865clintonarms This is a biblically good tweet tbf

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