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Paul Carter

@DarraghMcKenna Had a CTS as a hire car in Nova Scotia in Canada in 2004. It’s was literally brand new then and loo…

1 month ago

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Ava DuVernay

The cop orders him to shut off the car. Then tells his fellow officers “he has a gun.” There is no gun, except the…

1 month ago

Carles Puigdemont

Pensàvem que després de la mort de Franco l'objectiu era portar els estàndards europeus a la nova democràcia espany…

1 month ago


My car says, "Veterans Before Illegals" on my back windshield. Today, I went to my car & saw a white envelope und…

1 month ago


RT @TheOfficerTatum: The case is closed. Mueller is a chump, just like Comey. They hire you to do an investigate and you coward out of ma…

1 month ago